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Make Your Pool More Elegant with Glass

The pool tiling is the most extensive outdoor renovation project that one can undertake. In fact most of the tile retailers consider the customers that come to them for tiling their pools as the most important customers. The people opt for glass pool tiles because it lends an amazing shimmer and beauty to the pool when it is submerged in water. It is always mesmerizing to see the vibrant colours glistening from beneath the clear water of the pool. 
Gass Pool TilesGlass Pool Tiles
Although the project is extensive, most of the people take it up because they want that superior and elegant appearance of glass tile in their pool. This kind of project requires the customers to make a large amount of investment in their residential properties. This is the reason that they expect a flawless tile installation that will be long lasting and durable. 

The glass tile installation is known to be difficult when compared with other installations. On top of that, if you need to install glass tiles in an external environment especially in a swimming pool then it requires expertise and a specialized approach. Also, the materials used in the installation are designed especially for this purpose. The high expansion coefficient of glass when compared to any other material increases the challenge in installing the glass tiles. Due to glass’ high expansion coefficient, it tends to expand or contract as the temperature changes at a rate greater than any other materials being used in the pools these days such as stone or ceramic. 

The Problem with Glass Tiles 
If glass tiles were hanging in the air, then the expansion and contraction will have no effect on it, but since it is attached to the surface of the pool any change in its dimension may cause it to break. So it becomes extremely important that the cement that is used to attach the glass tile to the surface also expands and contracts according to the coefficient of expansion of glass. 

Gass Pool TilesGlass Pool Tiles
Adhesives or Cement 
The installation materials are the most important aspect in the installation of glass pool tiles. Since the glass experiences a very high rate of expansion and contraction, there are high chances that any temperature changes may cause cracks or damage the installed tiles. However, these days there are special adhesives that are thin-set which means that they are very thin layers, but still can hold the glass in place securely. Also, there are additives in these adhesives that have been developed to expand and contract along with the glass. Therefore, you must always inquire about the right kind of adhesive and additive used with the glass pool tiles. The other reason why just any adhesive cannot be used for this purpose is that the glass remains completely submerged in water. You need to use only the adhesive material that is designed specifically to be in contact with water for long periods without changing its own character. 

The second thing that is as important as choosing the right tile and right installation material is the contractor who would install the glass tiles in your pool. Not all the contractors are equipped well enough to deal with the complexities associated with the installation of the glass pool tiles. If you try to save money here by hiring a cheap contractor who is not specialized in glass pool tiles, then probably you must get the repair work done quite soon. Always trust the experts so that you get the best work done that would last a very long time giving you peace of mind.

Various Benefits One Can Reap by Choosing Logbook Servicing for Their Cars

Have you overlooked the log book service schedule, hence your new car is giving a lot of trouble? And, want to maintain the car in top-notch condition and avoid it from getting a breakdown in the middle of your journey. Then you need to tow your car to the garage on a periodical basis to get it maintained by the expert mechanics. Basically, these people will detect the problems with your vehicle in the initial stage and fix them before the parts of the cars get completely damaged. Ideally, when you buy a car of any brand, you would be provided with a log book with the manufacturer specifications. You would need to get your car maintained as per the set specifications are given by the manufacturer to maintain your car in a perfect condition. 

Log Book Service
Log Book Service
In addition, if there is any major damage in your car parts during your warranty period, then you would be entitled to get the warranty if and only if you have abided to the logbook service requirements. You would need to thoroughly check the log book to keep a tab on the service requirements to be done to your car. This book will thoroughly guide the mechanic on the parts of the car to be focused in that interval of time. It is advised to a car owner to gain knowledge on the logbook to understand the service requirements for their normal or plush car. To be precise, this logbook includes all the information about the service history of a vehicle. 

When you take your car to the garage for maintenance, the qualified mechanic will check the log book given by the manufacturer and use the parts as specified by the manufacturer. This logbook includes the checks and servicing done for the car. 

There are many car repair garages who provide high-quality logbook service. Nothing can put you in an awful situation than your car troubling you in the middle of the travel. However, the best part of logbook service for your car is that you can choose a licensed and experienced mechanic. The mechanic will take logbook as a reference to carry out repairs as per the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, you do not need to tow your vehicle to different repair garages every time. Unarguably, giving your vehicle for services to different service centers would take a toll on your vehicle’s performance. 

According to the logbook, the required maintenance and repair of the car should be carried out and this can be thoroughly understood by the mechanics who are experts. Ideally, each repair shop will charge a different price for servicing the car. When you have a logbook, the mechanics will focus on the areas to be serviced during that period as mentioned in the book. It is pivotal for you to get your logbook service from a licensed service center to improve your car's performance and keep it new. 

Here are a few benefits one can reap by opting log book service: 

Save big: Many car owners would end up paying a high amount for their car servicing. If you want to save money on car repairs, you need to maintain a log book. If you get logbook servicing from one repair shop, then these people start to charge lower prices to keep up the customers. So, by opting this service, you can save big.

Get personalized services: You would get high quality logbook services. Basically, when you have a logbook, you would need to get your car maintained regularly. To retain the customers, the repair stores will carefully repair the cars and ensure to give great results. 

Keep up the car value: If you are a car enthusiast and love to buy new cars that hits the roads, then you need to maintain your current car in top-notch condition to get high value when you resell it. Also, when you give the car for servicing, the mechanics will check the manufacturer’s specifications and replace the genuine spare parts as mentioned in the logbook, thus helping you to keep up the warranty. 

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