Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Important Things to Consider Before Planning for Install Air Conditioner

Installing an air-conditioner seems an easy task to perform, but it’s not as air conditioning system consists some operating and safety standards that are needed to be considered to have trouble-free installation. The air-conditioner will be with the finest performance if it is installed properly while taking care of all required standards. On the other side, if these standards are neglected, it may affect the performance and even lead to various maintenance issues.  
Air Conditioning Installation
Air Conditioning Installation
  • Most of the people these days prefer split system air conditioner over window air conditioners as they are with more applications. Due to their rising popularity, many companies have started manufacturing these devices. It means the market has several types of split system air conditioners that could be different from each other depending on their types, sizes and manufacturers.
  • When you install these split air conditioners in your rooms, then you need to install the outdoor unit at your exterior walls and fix the indoor unit inside your rooms. Therefore, it is much difficult to locate the exact place and install the brackets for the outdoor units. You can install these air conditioners by hiring some trained professionals and they can easily install your machine within few hours only.   

Installation instructions for your air conditioner: 
  • Wall must be capable of holding the Air Conditioning unit: As it’s a split system air conditioner, its indoor unit will be installed on a wall. Before starting the installation process, one must ensure that the wall is strong enough to hold weight of the AC. If needed, install a frame made up of wood or a metal to provide support to the unit. In addition to that, there should be enough space on the wall to hold the unit. Plus, make sure that the wall is far from heating sources and direct sunlight.   
Air Conditioning Unit
Air Conditioning Unit
  • Enough height from ground: To make split AC work in an efficient way and cool every region of a place, ensure that it is mounted on a good height. An appropriate height for an air conditioner is around seven to eight feet from the ground. If you have small rooms then you can also install the air conditioner on the ceiling as ducted system. But this ducted system will cost you more and you should check these features before buying the air conditioner.   

How would you install the air conditioners in a proper way? 
Before installing a mounting plate on the wall, make sure that it is on the right location. The plate must be horizontally leveled. To ensure this, the installer could use a level. After confirming the right level, one should drill holes into the walls and anchors must be fixed. 

  • Distance between the two units must be correct: The distance between indoor and outdoor unit should be right as it may affect its cooling. It should be as minimal as possible to get the best results. Ensure that it is not more than 15 meters; otherwise the cooling will be affected.  A long distance between the two units may lead to cooling loss.  
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner
  • Get help from expert:Instead of installing an air conditioner in the wrong way, it is good to get help from an expert installer. Such an individual may guide about the right procedure and safety standards to follow while installing an AC so that the best benefits of the system could be availed. The expert installer will charge a few amount, but that help with save investment on the system’s maintenance when it is not installed in the right way.  
These are some essential tips to remember while installing an air conditioner. They will not just help in installing the system in the correct way, but may also give the best cooling results.   

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