Saturday, 22 July 2017

Things to Consider Before Buying Security Screen Door

Each one of us wants to live at a place which is safe but can one achieve this successfully? Yes, well it can easily be achieved by making use of security screen door. These are ones that not only looks good but also improve your home security. These are made of different material which includes that of iron, glass and copper. So, when you have these installed at your places then you do not have to worry about the stability and security of your place.  These doors are stable and hard; hence maintain the security by not allowing anyone to enter your place without permission. 
Security Screen Door
Security Screen Door

Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a new security screen door

  • The material used: These doors are made of either steel, metal alloys or aluminum. While buying a security screen door, remember that the material it is made of can prolong its life or shorten it. Also keep in mind that the material used will decide the breadth of the door as the weaker material like aluminum will cover more space to provide the same security as the stronger material like steel. 
  • Seam edges: The corners of the door should be made of solid, filled steel and not hollow steel. As the hollow steel can be penetrated by the water which will eventually cause it to rust. It is not a good look and it will not help your sidewalk either as it can cause a stain on it. If you choose to have hollow steel tubes for the edges, then make sure that the tube’s ends are mitered. 
  • Door closer: These are the mechanical devices that automatically close the door after it has opened. Make sure there is a good and reliable door closer attached with the security screen doors. These normally rely on air pressure to close themselves which makes them highly convenient. 
  • Wind chains: These are the chains that make sure that the door gets least affected by the strong winds near the house. It is a used to make sure that the door does not open too much due to the storm outside. 
  • Sill extensions: These are the extensions at the bottom of the door that will help prevent the bugs from entering your house. This factor of security screen doors makes it much appreciated in the tropical regions. 
  • The same key: You can have the door installer make the same keyhole as your house’s main door’s key. This way you will not have to carry two keys at the same time to enter your house after a long day. Your one key will do the trick. 
  • Guarantee or warranty: Do not hesitate about asking about the policy of guarantee or warranty of these doors. Make sure you inquire about the steps that will be taken by the company in case of a break in or faulty installation, breakage, etc of the door.
Security Screen Door
Security Screen Door
To sum up we can say these doors are very helpful for our day to day life and we must give a due thought to it before we decide to install it as the right security screen door will help you in many ways. It is required to keep your pets in and the bugs out. It will not decay, which makes it long lasting and reliable and hence it should be considered as a long-term investment that can be splurged on because it is once in a lifetime kind of expenditure. No one should compromise with the quality of these doors as it has many benefits that one cannot ignore. 

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