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Guide to The Different Methods of Welding

The process of welding is very old and it usually involves the process of joining a number of metallic materials by melting them. The material usually used in welding is steel. After the process of melting, it is put through a process of cooling and the joints are fastened.

The different types of welding processes seen in the market are:

  • MIG – This is the most popular method of welding because of its versatility and the quickness at which the welding takes place. The most popular metallic materials used are mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 
  • TIG – This type of welding uses tungsten inert gas to weld two materials together. Also, the electrode is tungsten and other types of filler material are used to complete the entire process of welding. Usually the most experienced welders use this method because of the high quality it provides to the weld. 
  • The shield metal arc welding process – This is also known as stick arc welding. This process is very basic and can be mastered very easily. Because of this it is very popular in home-based projects. 
  • The Gas Welding Process – This is also called as oxy acetylene welding. It is an old method of welding that is used to repair parts like tubing and pipes. This process is very reasonable and if the right kind of welder is used the final finish is really good. 
  • Resistance welding – This is the type of welding that involves generating resistance heat from a variety of materials. The entire process is highly efficient, does not need filler, and has a very high production rate. The only disadvantage of this process is that the weld strength is weak and cannot be used for any kind of applications. Hence, the welder should conduct enough research before using this method. 
  • Energy beam welding – This is the process that uses laser beams and is made of high-energy density. This reduces the overall size of the welded area. This is one of the most reliable methods because it is really cost-efficient. However, one should be completely aware of the possibilities of thermal cracking when this method is used. 
  • Solid state welding – This process involves the melting of certain pieces of material. It usually uses procedures like friction, magnetic pulse, ultrasonic, co-instruction, hot pressure, roll and induction welding, and many more. 

Factors to Look at While Hiring a Professional Welding Service

Steel Welding
Steel Welding
Instead of going for the first metal welding service in the market, the customer should ensure that he/she conducts enough research before selecting the best welding service. If the research is conducted properly, the customer is sure to find the best welding service. Once the customer shortlists the welding vendors, he/she can start by contacting references to evaluate the welding service provider. Some of the factors that a customer can look at while selecting the welding service are:
  • When the customer selects the right kind of welder, he/she should completely review the welder, licenses, and credentials. This is very important because if the welding service does not hold a welding license, the customer may not be able to legally use the services irrespective of the type of services offered. Also, the customers can ask for a proof of the experience and examples of previous work.
  • The customer should look for different vendors and get the quotes for the sake of comparison. The customer should not jump at the lowest price and should opt for the service that provides the reasonable number of services at a reasonable cost.

The prices for the welding services should be compared along with the credentials and references to avail the best deals.

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